Our Mission

Our mission is to create new decentralized peer-to-peer cloud which protects the privacy of users personal data and remove the custody of any centeral authority. Watch the video play to learn more about our mission.

Who we are

Aiman Najjar
Aiman is a Cloud Architect & DevOps Consultant helping companies adopt Cloud Compute platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). He has worked directly with Google Delivery Services on high-profile engagements to accelerate Google's clients cloud adoption. Previously, Aiman worked at companies such as Cray (supercomputer manufacturer), Electronic Arts (video games developer) and Couchbase (database software developer).

Maan Najjar
Maan is a Lead Mobile Software Engineer with extensive experience building mobile applications in both iOS and Android worlds. He successfully led the efforts to develop a very technically-complex mobile Android application for Anchor which was ultimately acquired for $140 million dollars by Spotify in 2019. Maan has also worked previously for companies such as The New York Times and Digg where he also developed very complex suites of mobile applications for them.